From the first of September, 2012 in Russia there is established utilization tax for cars.


automob_util_sOn 28th of  July, 2012 Vladimir Putin signed the Federal Law "About Amendments to the Federal Law" Concerning Production and Consumption waste ", and Article 51 of the Budget Code of the Russian Federation."

In order to ensure the environmental safety by the Federal law it is established utilization tax that would be paid for every wheeled vehicle imported to the Russian Federation or produced in the Russian Federation. Types and categories of such vehicles are defined by the Government.

As utilization tax payers are considered persons who import vehicles on the territory of the Russian Federation, or produce them in the Russian Federation, as well as those who purchase vehicles from persons exempt from the utilization tax, or persons who did not pay the tax and violate the order of its payment.

Rate of utilization tax, way of the calculation and payment of the fee are established by the Russian Federation Government. When fixing the amount of utilization tax there will be considered year of the production of the vehicle, its weight and other physical characteristics that affect the costs connected with the activity of waste treatment after the vehicle lost their consumer properties.

The tax collection will be implemented by the federal executive body authorized by the Government of the Russian Federation.

Payment of the utilization tax guarantees to the owners of the vehicles future free utilization of their vehicles in case of the loss of their consumer properties.

Means collected by the utilization tax shall be transferred to the federal budget, the funds of which will bear the expenses of the organizations and individual entrepreneurs connected with utilization of vehicles in respect of which such tax  has been paid.

Information source: президент.рф