Results of the international environmental competition

The strategic goal of the state policy in all civilized countries today is to solve social and economic tasks, providing an environmentally-oriented economic growth and the implementation of each human right to a favorable environment. Russia also affirms more and more actively the need to ensure the correspondence of the economic and other activities with the standards and requirements in the field of environmental protection and ecological safety of the population. And of course an important part in this matter should take the state policy in the field of environmental development, based on the Constitution, principles and norms of the international law, international treaties, as well as the federal constitutional laws, federal laws and the laws of the subjects of the Russian Federation.

In this context, marking out of the certain Russian regions, as well as public organizations and businesses who are involved in the environmental protection, development of the environmental industry and implementing into manufacturing processes the most efficient environment-friendly technological solutions will undoubtedly help to develop and update Russian economy and its international integration.
For this purpose, this year in the Russian Federation there was held an International Environmental Competition "EuroRuss: Partnership, Experience, Innovation", for participation in which the Organizing Committee received nearly 1,000 applications from different regions of Russia, strictly evaluated by international experts of the Competition Committee.

Nominations of the competition:

Environmental policy of the region

  • 1 place
    Sverdlovsk region
    Olga Nikolaevna Orlova, director of the "Center of the Environmental Monitoring and Control" of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of Sverdlovsk region.
  • Der 2. Platz
    Kaluga region
    Sergey Ivanovich Lantzov, director of the regional bureau of forensic medical examination of the Ministry of Health of the Kaluga region.
  • Der 3. Platz
    Altai region
    Nikolay Kislov, authorized representative of Altai region in Germany and EU countries.

Environmental education

Industry's Environmental Technologies

  • 1 place
    Moscow Regional Department of the International Academy of Ecology, Man and Nature Protection Sciences and the closed joint-stock company “Waste Ecology”. Moscow
  • 2 place
    Regional Bureau of Forensic Medical Examination, state health agency. Kaluga
  • 3 place
    LLC Steel Constructions Moscow

Sewage treatment

  • 1 place
    LLC “RVK-Consulting”, Moscow
    Alexander Dmitriev, main engineer.
  • 2 place
    Lev Serafimovich Skvortzov, doctor of technological sciences, academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, general director.
  • 3 place
    Closed joint-stock company “Kirov Communal Systems”, Kirov

 Waste management

  • 1 place
    LLC “KOMEK, Tambov
    Igor Khaimovich Blyum, general director.
  • 2 place
    LLC “STROYGRAD”, Yakutsk.
    Anna Ivanovna Galchishak, general director
  • 3 place
    LLC “Transecoprom” of the “Penzavtorsyryo” group of companies. Penza
  • Special Diploma of the honorable mention nominee in the category “Waste management” from the European-Russian center “Euroruss” received Russian representative office of the Swedish company PRESONA, which is successfully working in Russia for more than 20 years and which experience could serve as muster for many European companies, wishing to deal with and in Russia!
    Kirill Krylov, head of the representative office of the company PRESONA

TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THE COMPETITION and GRANT REGULATION To winners of the competition there were also awarded grants for projects development in accordance with taken places at amount of 10, 20 and 35 thousand Euros. Information about the Congress ENVIKON: