III международный Форум-Выставка   «Изменение климата и экология промышленного города»   13-15 ноября 2012, г. Челябинск

The International Forum

«Climate Change and Industrial City Ecology»

 Chelyabinsk (Russia)
13-15th, November 2012
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The main aim of the project is the establishment of an arena for open discussion between government, business and public, and the development of an action plan for formation of the mechanisms and incentives for Russian Federation transition to the principles of sustainable development and energy efficiency, the creation of the Russian business environment in the field of ecology using successful international experience.




  • Chelyabinsk Region Ministry of
  • Radiation and Environmental Safety;
  • Japan Association ROTOBO;
  • Authority of Voking city (GB)
  • World Trade Center Chelyabinsk;
  • European-Russian cooperation initiative for innovative,
    ecological and economic development “Euroruss” e,V.

Among the participants of the discussion there are representatives of Russian Ministry of natural resources and environment and Ministry of economic development, State Duma of Russian Federation, Ministry of economy, trade and industry of Japan, European environmental organizations, and Department of energy and climate change of Great Britain, world leaders in the field of eco-technologies, political scientists and writers, and etc. The forum will unite world authoritative experts, who know how to build the «green» business and finally increase the company's authority in the eyes of the state and private consumer.

There will be a unique opportunity to get known at first-hand on how Russian and foreign companies have deal with energy efficiency, renewable sources of energy development and waste recycling.



Main topics:

  • Economical benefits due to innovative «green» technologies implementation;
  • Ecological programs realization as the strategic business priority;
  • Ecological initiatives as the means of in­vestments attraction and competitive advantage;
  • Peculiarities of energy and ecological projects financing;
  • State and private partnership at realiza­tion of nature saving and ecological projects;
  • Integrated solutions for the water and air treatment, energy efficiency increasing and waste management;
  • Legal control of environmental protection.

Subject section of exhibition:

  • Industrial city ecology;
  • Enterprise ecology;
  • Settlements ecology;
  • Human ecology;
  • Ecological equipment and services.


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