Fee regulation

The members of the „EuroRuss“ e.V. are to pay the membership fees in order to cover the costs of the association. These are for example the expenditures for organization of the general meetings or expenditures for organization of sessions of the institutions of the association (board of directors, administrative council), as well as for the permanent personal and active support by the implementation of projects on the target markets of Russia, Germany, in the European countries and on the territory of the CIS-countries by means of:

  • preparation and organization of regional national and international events in form of conferences, congresses, forums etc.;
  • participation at the regional national and international events: conferences, exhibitions, congresses, forums, etc.;
  • exchange of the expert groups for the organization of seminars and working meetings;
  • organization of the survey to the companies and of sight-seeing tours;
  • organization of the vocational training and further educational programs;
  • constitution of the informational network for the exchange of offers, opinions, and ideas;
  • personal active assistance on the target markets (in the regions of the Russian Federation and EU-countries).
The Entrance fee has to be paid within one month after the official entering of the association (filling in, signing and sending of the application form). The membership fees could be paid monthly till the 30th of each month or at once as an annual amount.