nikitchukIvan I. Nikitchuk – Deputy of State Duma, Deputy Chairman of State Duma Committee on Natural Resources, Environment and Ecology, Chairman of the Coordinating Council of EuroRuss e.V.: "Today in Russia at the legislative level, so much attention is paid to investment opportunities, incentives and motivations for working in the business environment, along with the international harmonization of national environmental standards with European environmental standards. Russia is beginning to position itself not only as an energy power, but also as a platform for serious and profitable investments in environmental economics".

cherkashin_aaDoris Barnett – Deputy of the German Bundestag, Member of the Committee of Economy and Development, Member of the Coordination Council of the ECOmonitoring of EuroRuss e.V.: "The hunger for energy is rising, not only in the so-called developed, highly industrialised world. It has also reached the emerging economies (BRICs) and, of course, the developing nations. The fundamental principle that should be observed is that as little energy as possible, of whatever origin, should be consumed. Today, energy for heating can be almost completely conserved by using the appropriate building techniques, and the portion that is consumed (for hot water, for example) can be procured through alternative means. Finally, we should think about how to retrieve the many hidden inventions lying dormant in the European and national patent offices and put them to work in the search for new sources of energy. It is highly probable that new motors or energy recovery systems have already been invented, but they are not being put to use because their inventors cannot afford the legal, development and production costs".

kornienko_Alexey V. Kornienko – Deputy of State Duma, member of the State Duma Committee of Property: "Every year the problem of waste management, together with the problem of purity and safety of the environment is becoming more acute throughout the world. I would say that their severity increases several times faster than the increase of GDP of developed industrial countries, and regions of Russia, these issues came out today on a new level. European countries possess innovative technology and expertise. I sincerely hope that the EuroRuss e.V. becomes a bridge, providing a transfer of international best practices and technological solutions in the field of environmental protection, rational nature management and effective resource in the Russian regions".

cherkashin_aaNikolaus Haufler – Deputy of Hamburger Senate, Board member of EuroRuss e.V.: "The development of the German-Russian partnership will be based upon both governmental and non-governmental organizations. The latter can make a special contribution to the growth of the Russian-German economic relationships by enabling meetings and personal contacts between important decision makers. In this area, environmental technology plays an important role - many German engineering companies are world leaders in this sector, which can make significant contributions to the technological modernization in Russia. I am glad to see that European and Russian decision makers from politics, science and the private sector are being brought together bei Euroruss to develop new ideas of how to prevent ecological problems in Russia and how to contribute to future savings of ressources and energy with the help of modern engineering technology".

cherkashin_aaA.A. Cherkashin, a member of the Supreme Ecological Council of the State Duma Committee on Natural Resources, Environment and Ecology, Chairman of the EuroRuss e.V.: "Actual issues of rational use of energy and natural resources, their sustainable consumption, reasonable economy, attention to environmental aspects of production, creation and use of advanced technology – are challenges that face today, certainly, without exception, all sectors of the economy of all countries. To solve these problems alone, in a specific region of a single country, according to international experts, is not possible.We are glad to be able to present in Russia the latest European technological solutions in the field of environmental protection and efficient nature management, as well as that within "EuroRuss" now it became possible for regions of the Russian Federation to submit directly to the European Union their environmental projects and programs that promote the development of environmental industry and Russian environmental business and business structures can present their investment projects, effective finance-legal mechanism and engineering.