History of the EuroRuss e.V.


Non-profit organization European-Russian Center for Innovation, ecology and economic development EuroRuss e.V. was founded and registered in Germany in Berlin in 2010.

Such a choice of place of registration, of course, was not accidental. As you know, at this stage the Federal Republic of Germany is a recognized leader among European nations in the development of effective environmental legislation and implementation of effective measures to ensure environmental safety practice.

A prerequisite for creating such an organization was the initiative of representatives of Russian and European commercial companies and industrial enterprises, educational and research institutions, nonprofit organizations and sectoral business associations interested in the development of environmental sector and application of environmental friendly and innovative technologies in the real sectors of the economy, environmental protection and environmental management.

The initiators of EuroRuss e. V. were the representatives of the environmental industry in Russia and Germany, which are conscious of the absolute importance of the organizational structure for the expansion of international cooperation in environmental protection to promote the development of innovative environmental technologies, as well as the representatives from Austria, Switzerland and Latvia.

This initiative has also found support among the Russian regulatory agencies, government departments and representative institutions: the State Duma Committee on Property and the State Duma Committee on Natural Resources, Environment and Ecology, Federal Center for Waste Management by the Ministry for Regional Development, as well as Economic and Trade Bureau by the Embassy of Russia in Germany.

As a result, on the 29th November 2010 during the German-Russian scientific-practical conference "EURORUSS: Partnership, Experience, Innovation. The experience of big and small cities in the area of managing domestic and industrial wastes” held in Berlin, agreement on the establishment of the European-Russian Center for Innovation, Ecology and Economic development EuroRuss e.V. was signed.

At the present stage EuroRuss e.V. took part at many international projects and actively participates in line with the Russian-European business mission "EURORUSS: Partnership, Experience, Innovation", which has become in a very short time one of the best platforms for a constructive experience exchange and development of Russian-European cooperation in the field of environmental management and resource conservation, promoting the overall integration of the Russian economy in the common European economic space.

Advisory Council of EuroRuss e.V. consists of leading Russian and Western experts in the field of law and finance, environmental protection and ecological auditing, representatives of science and education, certification specialists, architects, representatives of consulting firms and marketing organizations, offering targeted services to support personalized various projects in the environmental sector of the economy of Russia, Germany, as well as other CIS and the EU countries.

We invite all interested persons for whom the innovative development of economy and environmental safety are inseparable values, to cooperate in the framework of the Euro-Russian Centre for innovation, ecology and economic development EuroRuss e.V.