For subjects of the Russian Federation

  • Representing of the interests and holding of the presentation events in the European Union in order to attract investments for implementation of the environmental projects.
  • Development of integrated systems of sanitation.
  • Development of concepts of waste management for 10-15 years.
  • Creation of database on volume, types and sources of waste.
  • Creation of a centralized system and optimization of logistics of collection and transportation of waste.
  • Engineering, design, construction and commissioning of automated and semi-automated sorting complexes and waste treatment plants, as well as complexes for getting finished raw material, electricity and biogas.
  • Creating of business plans to attract investments.
  • Development of complex financing schemes of operating costs.
  • Concession and investment agreements in case of the financing of projects based on public-private partnership.
  •  Design and construction of landfills:
  • engineering support and professional installation;
  • development of cost-efficient technical solutions by combining mineral and synthetic materials.
  • Landfill recultivation and improvement of the areas after recultivation, including getting grants within federal and international programs.
  • Leachate disposal systems until the inert substance.
  • Production systems of utilization of landfill gas for electricity production.
  • Selection and integration of different hardware for sorting, pressing and utilization, and further processing to get recyclable raw material from different types of waste.

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